25 Classis Short layered Bob Haircuts & Hairstyles for Women’s

short layered bob
Trendy Short Layered Bob for Women's. Don't Miss out!

Girls who want to try a new style and want to pick a classic choice so the best choice they can make is a bob haircut. If you want not too short and too long hair. Then choose the bob haircuts. Layered bob haircuts add volume to the hair. The modern stylish look you may have and bob have a variety of options. Like you can choose a sleek flat, slightly tousled, Shaggy messy hair, chopping layered, and voluminous curly dots are all at your disposal this season.  Layered bobs have multiple color, hairstyle and haircut combinations you want to choose and get the best choice for your hair. Girls never compromise for hair. They want the best choice and option so here are the best options we gathered for you.

Short Layered Bob
Short Layered Bob
Short Layered Bob
1: Short Bob Layered with Balayage Highlights

Balayage Highlights is perfect for the Short bob layered hair.  This gives a movement to your hair. If you want your hair to look great you also need to take care of your hair. Short layered bobs give your hair a flattering shape. If you want to maintain your hair through trim every 6-8 weeks. The classic hair look is easy to handle.

2: Short Layered Ashy Blonde bob

Ash blonde requires less maintenance than your other usual blonde hair color. If you do the ashy blonde color with darker roots and you will get the desired dimension. Ashy blonde color layered creates a smart look. Layered bobs give a great shape to your face and with Ashy Blonde color enhance your personality. Your beauty with hair care is also very important. So after 4-6 weeks you should go to the best hairdresser and treat your hair well also. This is the best combination of layered with ashy blonde bobs you can make.

Short Layered Ashy Blonde bob
3: Face Framing layers with Mature Bob

A short layered bob best option is also Face Framing Layers. Face framing layers are useful for those who want to slim their face. Face Framing Layers are short pieces of hair, placed around the face to sharpen and soften to your features. This is also the best choice to give you a different and stylish new look.

Face Framing layers with Mature Bob
4: Dimensional Highlights on a Short bob Layers

Dimensional Highlight on a short bob layered gives a texture to the bob haircut. Dimensional Highlights speak for itself and add the contrast of hair with dark and lightened. This style gives your hair a bold look and makes your hair soft.

Dimensional Highlights on a Short bob Layers
5: Beige short Layered bob with Featured Ends

Beige adds the tone and isn’t extreme as Ash. Beige leaves the color with dimension. When you do beige layered with featured ends this has a new texture and trendy style. Featured bob is used to lighten your hair weight and give your hair a new classic look. 

6: Bronde bob with Throughout thin layers

A blend of brown and Blonde is used to add the combined highlight and Balayage. They add the trend color natural highlight. Blonde bobs with layers are interesting and modern. This may add the thin layers of blonde to give a stunning look.

7: Light Cinnamon Brown Bob with Jagged Ends

Deep side lobes also have a symmetric effect. This gives your hair an uneven texture. This hair till shoulder length with side parted an ultra modern look. This classic lob has a real style and brightens up your face frames and features.

Light Cinnamon Brown Bob with Jagged Ends
8: Blonde Short Layered Bob Cut

Bob and Layered bob have a difference between them. A layered bob is a straight cut with long, short and choppy layers. Blonde short layered bob cuts have a short layered ad chic. Each hairstyle needs to refresh after some time to maintain its beauty and look.

9: Blonde Layered Collarbone Bob

Blonde is the most iconic style ever chosen and never goes out of fashion. But those who also want the style will remain the hair length with their own choice. Choose a collarbone cut and won’t be disappointed. This will give your hair a new style but the length of hair will remain the same.

10: Icy Blonde Bob Layered Cut

If you have brown or golden blonde hair, then don’t need the bleach. Ice blonde bob hair you can get without it. Garnier Nutrisse Natural Light Ash Blonde, Shade 9.13. Icy blonde layered gives a classic look. And this is the best variation of the traditional bob ready to go.

11: Short Fluffy Hair with Jet Black Layers

Short fluffy hair is need care Like used dry shampoo and use a volumizing shampoo, invest in styling products. Layers in short fluffy hair add volume and you can do iron, curl, slight twist to add movement and volume.

Short Fluffy hair with jet black Layers
12: Sassy Gray Layered Short bob

Sassy Gray Layered short bob you can do with your natural gray hair. Let them grow and give them texture to look classy and stylish. You can go with the gloss treatment for this natural gray gow hair. Gloss treatment adds the shine and subtle wash which improve your hair look and feel.

Sassy Gray Layered Short bob
13: Tousled Layers Bob on a Pixie

Messy Pixie Haircuts are short hairstyles but add a strong sense of layering. It makes hair look tousled and adds volume and density. If you don’t want to fall, then you can make the best choice and do something new.

14: Short Stacked Bob with Layers

Girls who have thick hair and don’t know what to do. They want to make the best choice and want to get rid of thick hair. Short stacked bobs layers remove the bulk hair. This style adds texture and adds shape into your hair. You can also add highlights to make it different and a stylish look.

Short Stacked bob with layers
15: Trendy Layered Bob with Bangs

Trendy layered bob is Haircut which adds Layered bangs in your hair to give a new texture and best choice for those who have thick hair, and they want to remove your hair thickness. This may add layers into your hair. This is useful to remove bulk from thick hair. This hairstyle is easy to handle and gives a strong style. 

16: Chopped Layered Bob for Thick Hair

Chopped layers bob hair cut is used to remove the hair bulkiness. This adds the layers in your hair and layers ads shape into your hair. Long hair is difficult to handle so you can choose the chopped layered bob hair with waves. Waves make the hair more stylish and ready to go trendy.

17: Short Layered Bob with Accurate Edges

Accuracy is a key when it comes to short layered bobs with accurate edge. You can make the tour edge accurate with a blade. This haircut adds a twist in the form of choppy layers and highlights. Accurate edges with blades make your hair style different from other bob styles. 

18: Neck length Layered Bob

Neck length Layered bob is a type of short bob haircut which depends on length and dimension. This haircut is used to add a unique vibe and neck length is itself a best to choose & add the different texture.

19: Inverted Layered Ash Blonde Bob

The girls who have chubby faces better choose this style. Inverted Layered Ash blonde bob is classic haircut then to other bob because its looks soften of the length and shows less on the neck and jaw-line. This haircut has unique features and texture. Blonde Ash blonde hues with hints of gray give life to this hairstyle. 

20: Sizzling Long Layers on a Short Bob

The people who have thin hair can also go with this haircut. Sizzling Long Layers on a short bob may have Heavy layers . This hairstyle is the easiest & gorgeous haircut you will ever get. You will get some length off. You can style it to  add an inward wave to add volume to your hair.

Sizzling Long Layers on a Short Bob
21: Stacked Bob with Layers for 40 Over Women's

Stacked bob is 40 Overs Women’s classic style with a shorter haircut. This haircut used graduated layers to create a rounded, full bodied shape at the back of the head. This hairstyle’s versatility never goes out of style. Short hair is easy to handle and style.

Stacked Bob with Layers for 40 Over Women's
22: Angled Bob with Wavy Layers

Angled Bob Haircut gives a different texture and dimension to your hair. The girls who have a round face shape are perfect to go with hair length. This may add volume to your hair and take off. So you can try any style and classic yet hairstyle. This haircut works for all textures.

Angled Bob with Wavy Layers
23: Random Layers with One-Length Combover bob

If you want to go with that haircut which makes your hair thick and also elongate  with your face type. Then you can go with Random Layers with One-Length Combover bob. This may add multiple layers to make your hair thick. The haircut below the chin length is fit for most face shapes. You can style it with a side part and one side tuck behind your ear.

24: Inverted Shattered Bob for Straight Hair

Shattered bob haircut used to make your hair ends choppy, textured finish. If you want the facial feature sweater, then you can do the hair rough texture. Inverted Shattered Bob for Straight Hair is classic for those having the straight hair. They can style it anyway and this may well represent their hair texture and style it anyway.

25: Wavy Layered Bob

Wavy Layered Bob is best fit for the natural Wavy hair. They just go with this style anywhere, no need to worry about much style .And if you choose the layered for your wave hair, then this is the best to choose for your short life. A wavy layered bob haircut gives you a classic and sexy look ever you had.

Wavy Layered Bob



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