Top Best Zayn Malik Hairstyles Ideas for 2023

zayn malik hairstyle
Top Best Zayn Malik Hairstyles Ideas for 2023

Are you also a fan of Zayn Malik Hairstyles and want to follow his trendy hairstyles? Because many other people also want to do it. They would love to follow his hairstyles. Zayn Malik an iconic idol whatever hairstyles he kept. become a signature hairstyle or haircut. His signature hairstyles that soon become highly popular with fashionistas all around the world. Zayn’s hair and music have changed over time, and boys want to follow his styles as a male fashion icon. Here are the best Zayn Malik haircut ideas we have gathered for you to follow them.

zayn malik hairstyle
zayn malik hairstyle
zayn malik hairstyle
1: Zayn Malik Shaggy Hairstyle

Zayn followed most of the hairstyle but like others then this one also looks perfect on him. Shaggy hairstyles have side swept; you may add layered in various lengths. The hair falls all around the crown. If you want the same style like this you can ask your hairstylist for choppy layers. This hairstyle is easy to go with naturally wavy hair and if you don’t have then you can add waves by mousse. Zayn’s side sweep had features to the side at the front and rumple long locks in the back.

Zayn Malik Shaggy Hairstyle
2: Zayn Malik Slicked Back Hair

Slicked Back Hair You can get the most simple hairstyle slicked back. You can comb your hair from the back , not from the roots. you can comb everything straight. Zayn featuring a plain hairband. He used the hairband to sleek back his hair and his hair looked clean and fair. You can also adopt this hairstyle but using gel or can also follow this hairstyle this is the easy quick hairstyle.

Zayn Malik Slicked Back Hair
3: The Top Knot Hairstyle by Zain Malik

Zayn has faded hair on the right side. And he just has some hair on left side to keep up with a hair tie. He leaves enough hair at left to combine them together to make a top knot hairstyles. This hairstyle has its own styles and the Zayn personality in every hairstyle is wonderful.

4: Zayn’s Malik Quiff Hairstyle

Quiff hairstyle you would like the top to be left longer than the sides and the back. Quiff features have the zayn thick hair slicked back loosely,  the strand falling on front make this hairstyle more natural and cool . This hairstyle would not take much time and is also a very quick hairstyle. If you want the same hairstyle then style from the professional and he will do this style within 5 minutes. Style carefully then you are ready to go.

5: Zayn Faux Hawk hairstyle

The Faux Hawk is still in style. This is a very stylish hairstyle. This hairstyle features short sides and a strip of longer hair from front to back and shaved from sides. Zayn also has this style and rocks it. The side shave blends with the Zayn style is the super awesome hairstyle ever he can have. He also has a light beard with this hairstyle that suits him best.

Zayn Faux Hawk hairstyle
6: Zayn Malik Blonde Buzz Cut

Zayn Malik’s blond hair has a stylish light coat of stubble or a beard equal length. Your face feature will be harder or softened all depending on length you keep. Zayn’s haircut creates neat and straight hair that lines in the forehead. Zayn Malik introduced this buzz cut in parish fashion. Which is having its own grace and very popular among that time.

7: Zayn Malik Crew Cut

A crew cut which have the upright hair on the top cut relatively short. Zayn this haircut is a little longer than the crew cut. This haircut is easy to style. Boys who want a low maintenance, quick ready hairstyle can go with this hairstyle.

Zayn Malik crew cut
8: Piecey Spikes By Zayn Malik

Piecey Spikes by zayn malik have a different charm. A short hairstyle is used to save your time, a high fade hairstyle with a Piecey textured. Spiky shape hairstyle with short cropped, style it like a finger styling make it more charming hairstyle. You can adopt this hairstyle. This is a very trendy style.

Piecey Spikes By Zayn Malik
9: Thick with Highlights by Zayn Malik

Zayn Malik had this hairstyle who kept dark hair with blonde highlights. You can add the highlights on the dark hair and keep the both with a combination.  Zayn Malik added this style on his thick hair with blonde highlights to make it more appealing. Zayn Malik rocks it with this style and you can also try it

Thick with Highlights by Zayn Malik
10: Zayn Malik Spiky Front

Zayn Malik’s hairstyle is very classic, stylish and easy to try. You can comb your hair sides together at the front top ending called spikes. This is called a spiky front by Zayn Malik for quick style and ready to go hairstyle.

Zayn Malik Spiky Front
11: Zayn Malik White Stripe

None other than Zayn Malik can handle each hairstyle very professionally. He knows how to carry each style beautifully. The front has a solid top, making an iconic short white stripe at the front. His style is very unique and you can also try it and make your personality different from other days.

Zayn Malik White Stripe
12: Zayn Malik Medium Curly

Medium curl hair who twists and bends to make a ringlet. Medium curls used to maintain their bounce, and consistency from roots to end. Zayn Malik medium curly top that was guarded from sides and combed hair. Zayn Malik this hairstyle is very classic. Zayn Malik always does justice with each hairstyle and handles them perfectly.

13: Zayn Malik Long Back Pull

Zayn Malik this hairstyle is also rock. Pull back texture or dramatically parted long hair can be styled for any occasion. Zayn Malik’s hairstyle drops the front clear cut hairline. He just has this ability to catch people’s attention with every style.

14: Zayn Malik Raised Front

This hairstyle is raised front and combed forwards, the top needs to be flat with a spiky gray front. Zayn Malik’s hairstyle is worth it. He always tries a new style and boys want to make him their admiration. He has the grace to adopt each hairstyle.

Zayn Malik Raised Front
15: Zayn Malik Shoulder Length Fountains

Shoulder Length Fountains let the hair fall freely and form c-curls at the tips. You can also keep this hairstyle which can admire your look and make your hairstyle different from other days. This hairstyle has a very classic look, till the shoulders so you can adopt this style. Zayn Malik in this hairstyle makes the girls fall for him.

Zayn Malik Shoulder Length Fountains
16: Zayn Malik Parted Waves

In this hairstyle you can trim and comb at the front. The boys who have thick hair can adopt this hair. The top hair needs to be left untouched with thick stands and wavy hairs pointed backward. Zayn Malik and other great hairstyles. His style is easy to handle and ready to go.

Zayn Malik Parted Waves
17: Zayn Malik Long Dark

Long dark hair has a long side sweep at the clear line and its length goes down till ear level and the other side is shaved. None other than fashion icon Zayn Malik has one more stunning hairstyle. The boys who want to try something new and ready for adventure like Zayn Malik here you go try it now.

Zayn Malik Long Dark
18: Zayn Malik Icy Top

The Icy top with Zayn Malik one more style in a unique way. The sides are shaved and flattered but the top is icy and peaks of snow. This hairstyle has the grace for stars. The one who wants to shine on stage, Can try this hairstyle.

Zayn Malik Icy Top
19: Zayn Malik Careless Curls

Careless Curls Zayan Malik on hair which has sides shaved and flatter but the top of hair is Curls. You can also try this but you can use the mouse and spray to make curls. And leave them careless which can fall on your face or anywhere like Zayn Malik make it mind blowing look.

Zayn Malik Careless Curls
20: Zayn Malik Long Bangs

Long bags one sided more than normal size. Zayn Malik has this asymmetric haircut. Zayn Malik one sided long bangs reaching the ear, with one sided neat. Like other hairstyles, this hairstyle also rocks on the stage with Zayn Malik. You can also try the attention grab hairstyle .

Zayn Malik Long Bangs
21: Zayn Malik Crew Hew

Crew hew style with Zayn Malik who have short hair. This short hair is 2 to 4 inches longer than the sides and a very sharp style. Zayn Malik’s style rocks the role.

22: Zayn Malik Messy Brush Up

Messy Brush Up a chic style by Zayn Malik. The long hair is messed up but rather to make it clean look leave it messy top. The slightly brush up at the front, and flat classic side. This hairstyle makes your look cool and eye-catching women love messy hair.

Messy Brush Up
23: Zayn Malik Short Wavy Hair

If you want a short hair tossed in to waves. And comb it back to make it look classic. Zayn Malik each hairstyle worth. No one but he knows better how to handle each style. He can add charm in each style.

Zayn Malik Short Wavy Hair
24: Zayn Malik Wavy & Spiky

This hairstyle is used to prominent your head. You can pull back your hair and trim the end tip. You can style this hair with a round brush. This hairstyle has the grace to adopt it and try Zayn Malik hairstyles.

Wavy & Spiky
25: Zayn Malik Bald Fade

The boys who have thinner hair and want to try a new style with shaved hair. Zayn Malik has this hairstyle which has a chic look. You can try shaved lines or you may try it with shapes.

Bald Fade



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